Remember The Past...Experience The Future 1898-1998. Weatherford Oklahoma August 6-9, 1998 Welcome To Weatherford City Of Oklahoma
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Agriculture is still an integral and important part of the Weatherford area economy.

AgriculturePrimary commodities are winter wheat and beef cattle, which inject millions of dollars into the local economy. Custer County produces 5.7 million bushels of wheat, and a recent rebound in the cattle market has made this type of farming more attractive. These endeavors often leave time for farmers to pursue other interests and income-producing activities.

Other agricultural products from this region include peanuts, cotton, corn, and soybeans.

A full-service, farmer-owned cooperative elevator station is found just outside of downtown Weatherford at 300 E. Clark Avenue. Manager Steve Sweeney can be contacted at the Farmer’s Cooperative Exchange by calling (580) 772-3334.


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