Remember The Past...Experience The Future 1898-1998. Weatherford Oklahoma August 6-9, 1998 Welcome To Weatherford City Of Oklahoma
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Weatherford offers an abundance of cultural events. The Weatherford Arts Council, a dedicated group of volunteers, promotes the arts through locally produced and imported theatrical troupes, gala "Celebrate the Arts" nights, and an arts academy offered each summer for budding young artists.

CultureBesides the Southwestern Oklahoma State University’s Panorama Series, the University Language Arts Department offers a varied feast of drama, musicals, and comedies at the Replogle Fine Arts Center on campus. The university marching and jazz bands display their talents during the school year with both formal and outdoor concerts and get acquainted events for the entire community.

The Weatherford Schools make their contribution to the city’s cultural scene by performing plays and musicals, showing students’ art, and performing choir concerts throughout the school year.

Area ballet companies include Weatherford as their dancers tour throughout the state.

Each fall, Weatherford and surrounding communities come alive with ever-growing art shows that bring entertainment, food, arts, and crafts from all around the region to our area.

In Clinton, just 15 miles to the west, Southwest Playhouse has been wowing audiences for more than 30 years with locally produced plays and musicals. Five unique theatrical shows, staged with the aid of a good number of Weatherford actors, directors, and stagehands, are produced each year. The playhouse is a story all by itself. A converted cattle-auction facility built in 1941, the 200-seat theater is a pleasant weekend diversion fall, winter or spring.

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