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Weatherford is a growing community, eager to recruit new business and industry to the area. We have a strong Chamber of Commerce and other groups who are active in the economic development arena. The City also employs an Economic Development Director, Ordis Copeland, who is responsible for locating and recruiting new business to this area. He can be reached at (580) 772-7451.

Economic DevelopmentWeatherford possesses much strength desirable for new business. It is located on Interstate 40 and centrally located within the U.S. It also has the four-year Southwestern Oklahoma State University, an outstanding Vo-tech campus, an available labor force with a great work ethic, good public schools, and a superb quality of life.

The industrial development trust authority (also available through the chamber office 580-772-7744) has an existing industrial park with approximately 56 acres still available in platted lots. We also have 160 acres in a certified industrial park with all utilities available to the edge of the property. Both sections are within mile of Interstate 40. The undeveloped land is available for sale or even donation to companies which will bring jobs to our fine community. Other incentives may be available depending on the project particulars.

Also, click to see the information on our Business Incubator building under the "Business Incubator Program" heading. Weatherford is ready and willing to answer your questions and consider your expansion/relocation plans.


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