Remember The Past...Experience The Future 1898-1998. Weatherford Oklahoma August 6-9, 1998 Welcome To Weatherford City Of Oklahoma
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In Weatherford, you will find dozens of well-built homes on the market for rent or for sale. Homes in virtually all sizes and price ranges are available for prospective residents.

HousingSingle-family homes are mostly made of brick and are ranch style, but other styles can be easily found, too. Twelve city parks, throughout the city, add to property values and provide pleasant diversions for young and not so young, alike. The city’s zoning regulations are designed to protect property owners and to perpetuate the quality of neighborhoods in Weatherford.

As you might expect in a college town, many kinds of rental homes, mobile homes, and apartments are available.

Many seniors make their homes in Van Horn Manor and Legacy Square, two beautiful assisted living centers. Nearby, elegant homes are also available.

The city is fortunate to have a Board of Realtors that combines experience, knowledge, and a caring attitude. Weatherford Realtors have assisted thousands of clients in everything from finding a rental apartment for their children’s first semester away at school to locating a family in its dream home.

For your residential or commercial real estate needs, call one of the following agencies or visit their web site:

ABC Realty (580) 772-9990,
Associated Real Estate
(580) 772-1414,
Berrong Real Estate (580) 772-3329,
Brandhorst Realty (580) 772-8152,
Jack Sanders Real Estate (580) 772-3000,
Dan Williams Real Estate & Appraisals (580) 772-0009,
Magill Real Estate (580) 772-7101,
Vogt Enterprises (580) 772-5661.

Kurtz Real Estate (580) 772-5581
Sooner Real Estate (580) 772-7770
McPhearson Real Estate (580) 772-6420
Rita Cortee Real Estate & Appraisals (580) 772-7277


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