Remember The Past...Experience The Future 1898-1998. Weatherford Oklahoma August 6-9, 1998 Welcome To Weatherford City Of Oklahoma
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Since 1969, Weatherford has been the proud recipient of three new plants built by the 3M Company. The company spun off to Imation in 1996, and three divisions remain. The plants employ more than 450 people. The plants produce computer diskettes, photographic film, and proofing films for printers.

IndustryLogically, in a town with so many roots in farming, agri-business remains a big component of the local economy. As luck would have it, Weatherford is located in the heart of the deep Anadarko Basin, a very large natural gas reserve. This central location has convinced several oil and gas related service companies to locate in Weatherford.

The town is home to Southwestern Oklahoma State University, known nationwide for its School of Pharmacy. The university offers 23 degree programs and has developed a doctorate of pharmacy degree which will garner even more prestige to an already well regarded program.

Across Interstate 40, just north of Imation, is the Western Technology Center. The center provides in-depth job skill training and is available for any existing company or prospective company interested in locating in or around Weatherford, companies wishing to upgrade the skills of their employees may also use the Western Technology Center. The Center underwrites a portion of the instructor expense, which helps keep Western Oklahoma companies on the cutting edge of markets both local and global.

One of the Center’s programs assesses the training needs of a new or expanding company. The Center then develops a customized training package and delivers training and other materials. This service is an important motivation for businesses to expand, re-locate, or build in Weatherford.

The Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programsaccredits Southwestern Oklahoma State University’s School of Business for both its undergraduate and Masters of Business Administration programs.

New business start-ups may want to take advantage of the City of Weatherford’s incubator program.

For details call (580) 772-7451.

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