Remember The Past...Experience The Future 1898-1998. Weatherford Oklahoma August 6-9, 1998 Welcome To Weatherford City Of Oklahoma
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With the right mix of an experienced faculty and administration, un-crowded classrooms, first-rate facilities and superb support from parents and other members of the community, the Weatherford schools help produce young people ready to succeed in a complex world. The district’s 156 teachers have an average of 14.2 years teaching experience. Its nine administrators average 20 years in the field. Students drop out at a rate that is two-thirds less than the state average, and score about five percent higher than their statewide counterparts on the ACT test.

Weatherford Hifg SchoolThe curriculum is deep and flexible. Gifted/honor classes are available to students, third grade and above. Special education integrated opportunities may be found at all five schools. Middle school students enjoy a highly regarded technology education program, while high school students can avail themselves of advanced placement, vocational agriculture, carpentry and marketing courses. School-to-work and alternative, education-based placement programs are also available.

Community and business leaders offer generous support to the school system. Parents are encouraged to be partners in the education of their children. A wide range of dedicated leaders are responsible for the success of such programs as the Weatherford Education Foundation, 11 booster clubs, a fruitful partnership with the Weatherford Area Chamber of Commerce, the Drug Free Advisory Board, and Eagle Ambassadors, which is a partnership consisting of high school students and community non-profit organizations.

More than 2,000 students attend five Weatherford schools.
Children 4 to grade 1 at Burcham Elementary,
1401 E. Lark, 772-0812;
grades 2-3 at East Elementary, 701 E. Proctor, 772-3533;
grades 4-5 at West Elementary, 811 W. Huber, 772-2245;
grades 6-8 at Weatherford Middle School,
509 N. Custer, 772-3446;
grades 9-12 at Weatherford High School,
1500 N. Washington, 772-3385.

The Administration office is at 516 N. Broadway, 772-3327.


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