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Southwestern Oklahoma State University has earned acclaim as a major, regional educational institution in the state of Oklahoma. The university, with campus locations at Weatherford and Sayre (60 miles west on I-40), has approximately 5,000 students.

Southwestern Oklahoma State UniversityCurriculums of two, four, and five years are offered at SWOSU and more than 100 areas of studies are available as majors or minors. Master’s degrees in Business Administration, Education, Music, and Applied Psychology are also offered.

Dr. John Hays is president of SWOSU. Southwestern’s instructional program consists of the School of Arts and Sciences, School of Business, School of Education, School of Health Sciences and Graduate School. The schools are divided into 19 major academic divisions: Accounting/Finance, Allied Health, Art, Biology, Business Administration, Chemistry, Computer Science, Elementary/Secondary Education, Health/Physical Education/Recreation, Language Arts, Mathematics, Music, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physics, Psychology, School Service Education Programs, Social Sciences, and Technology.

Adult Education courses and telecourses are available each semester. Courses as diverse as Water Aerobics to the assassination of John F. Kennedy are offered. SWOSU’s athletic teams are members of the Lone Star Conference and NCAA Division II. The Bulldogs compete in football, baseball, basketball, golf, rodeo, and soccer. The Lady Bulldogs participate in basketball, cross country, golf, rodeo, soccer, and softball.

In addition, to its fine academic environment, the university offers involvement in some 75 campus organizations, men’s and women’s intramural sports programs, and many other social activities. Weatherford is considered a hub of activities in western Oklahoma due to its nationally recognized university. Each year, SWOSU invites members of the public to the free Panorama Series, in which nationally recognized speakers and performers are showcased. Drama productions, concerts, lectures, and other entertainment are held annually in the 1,380 seat Fine Arts Center Auditorium.

Educational demographics for Southwestern Oklahoma State University show an average enrollment of 4,500 each year. The majority of the student body comes from Custer County. The make-up is predominantly white female 18-20 years old. Other university statistics follow.


2001 total enrollment:

2001 Minority enrollment totals:
Asian – 2%
African American – 3%
Hispanic – 3%
Native American – 5%
White – 86%

Enrollment by Gender:
43% male
57% female

Most students come from:
Beckham County – 7.2%
Caddo County – 6.75%
Custer County – 21.87%
Oklahoma County – 5.91%
Washita County – 6.28%

For more information about Southwestern Oklahoma State University, contact the Public Information Office at:
(580) 774-3063, or visit the web site at


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