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T. P. S. Airport And Museum
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Thomas P. Stafford Airport is a municipal facility located in northeast Weatherford. It is owned by the city and operated by the Weatherford Flight Center.

The concrete runway is 4,400 feet long and 75 feet wide. The weight classification of the runway, taxiway, and parking ramp is 30,000 pounds single wheel weight, and 48,000 pounds dual wheel weight.

Thomas P. Stafford Airport and MuseumThe airport has three published instrument approaches. Two are satellite Global Positioning System approaches and one is a non-directional beacon approach.

Three large maintenance and storage hangars, 18 individual hangars, and a terminal building grace the facility. Inside the terminal, visitors will find administrative offices, flight training facilities, a flight planning area, pilot’s lounge, and a museum honoring the work of Weatherford native General Thomas P. Stafford.

The free museum houses a collection of model military aircraft, NASA photographs, and other interesting items collected and donated by Gen. Stafford. His distinguished military career included 16 years as a record-setting and pioneering astronaut. Rounding out the museum collection are spacecraft models, a video of Gen. Stafford’s space missions spanning three NASA programs, memorabilia presented to him by the people of the Soviet Union during his historic Appollo-Soyuz mission, and other material of interest to space enthusiasts. The museum just added 12,000 sq. feet to the museum building to housing several 1st & 2nd stage rocket engines, plus up to 6 military aircraft including a F-86, Mig 21, T-33, T-38, and F-16. The F-86 and Mig-21 are here and available for display.

The Thomas P. Stafford squadron of the Civil Air Patrol meets regularly at the airport terminal classroom.

Weatherford’s Aviation Advisory Council takes a proactive approach to ensuring a healthy area aviation future by continually evaluating the airport’s needs and by recommending funding levels to the city council.

Stafford Airport is considered the hub of aviation training and activity in western Oklahoma. For more information about the airport or its programs, call (580) 772-6143 or Fax (580) 772-6480.


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