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Western Technology Center
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Western Technology Center is part of a statewide system long recognized as an innovator in training high school students and adults for the jobs and skills in demand at the beginning of the 21st century. Full-time programs are offered free of charge to high school juniors and seniors who are enrolled in area schools in the center’s district. When space is available, adults can be enrolled after paying a small tuition. Students are admitted on the basis of interest, ability, aptitude, attendance, and performance in past school work.

Western Technology CenterFinancial aid is available for those who qualify. Counseling services are in place to administer and interpret student assessments, provide individual and group counseling, and conduct program tours, enrollment, and recruitment.
Adult short-term classes vary from month to month. Classes in computers, business, health care, CPR, First Aid, and general interest are offered. Both day and night classes are available, although most are night or weekend classes to accommodate people’s work and school schedule.

Western Technology Center also offers adult programs in the following areas: Entrepreneur Training, Industry Specific Training, Agriculture Business Management, Business Development, and Safety and Health Training. The Entrepreneur Training/Business Development Program is designed for businesses that want to stay ahead and prepare for constant change in their environment. The Program assists clients in writing business plans, management techniques, marketing/advertising, operations support, financial projections and planning, human resource issues, and customer relations. This is accomplished through one-on-one sessions, classes, and seminars.

Western Technology Center’s goal is to SERVE business leaders and their communities.


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